Ring given to Captain Alvin Corwin when he left the Lampertheim DP camp
Gift of Elaine and Al Corwin
Id no. 2005.A.176, Jewelry
This ring was given to Captain Alvin Corwin, who ran the Lampertheim DP camp, by the Jews that lived there. It is inscribed with his initials and the words, ?from thankful Jews.?

Alvin Corwin, the artifact donor, was born on March 10, 1921, in Brooklyn. He entered the US Army in May 1942 and served in the 796 Anti-Aircraft battalion, 462 Triple A Battalion, 9th overseas command. He was in charge of six DP camps in the US Zone, including Lampertheim. Before he left Europe in April 1946, Corwin was presented with this ring.
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