Postcard from Badana Harkawy in the Warsaw Ghetto to her son Jersy in Brooklyn
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Gift of Lucille Kain
Id no. 779.98, Correspondence, Polish
Subject(s):  Family ties
The text translates: My dearest and beloved children! It has been a while since I received your last letter and you know I am awaiting them with great impatience. I am in good health and I am trying to be strong because I want to survive until the moment when we are reunited again. Thank you very much for the packages you have been sending me. Everything arrived except for tea. Please continue sending these packages regularly. Darling Lizuchna, I have written you numerous times about your divorce papers from Felek. I will send you the documents as soon as it will be possible. You are asking whether Hanka is still working with Michal. No one is working there. Abramowicz is asking for charity and I think Felek also. Liza became a widow. Mena and Jakob are surviving but they are not working. I conveyed your regards to the Freundlichs. Regards to Jerzy and your landlady, who as you say I prayed for. I can't describe my longings for you and all the others. Be well and I kiss you all and especially my beloved granddaughter. I write to you often, please do the same. Your loving mother.
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