Musee des Horreurs No. 41
Gift of Herbert A. and Nancy Bernhard
Id no. 2005.A.152, Poster
The ?Musee des Horreurs? or ?Freak Show? was a series of 51 hand-colored lithographs which caricatured prominent supporters of Alfred Dreyfus including statesmen, journalists, and Jewish leaders. This particular poster features a grotesque baby, supposedly depicting a family of Jewish financiers, with text that translates as, ?The Value Does Not Await the Number of the Years!?

The posters were first published in the fall of 1899 to coincide with the opening of the Paris World?s Fair and the public debate that followed Dreyfus?s re-trial at Rennes. Among those depicted in caricatures are Louis Lepine, Emile Zola, Alfred Dreyfus, Georges Picquart, Georges Clemenceau, Henri Brisson, Fernand Labori, and Ludovis Travieux. The lithographs were created by an artist operating under the pseudonym V. Lenepveu, and were eventually confiscated by the police, who also stopped their production.
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