US immigrant identification card of Leon Blonder
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Gift of Lenore Geller and Cheryl Duboys
Id no. 2005.A.59, Document
Subject(s):  Emigration
This is the US immigrant identification card of Leon Blonder, born in 1915, of Polish nationality. He came to New York on the MS Washington, arriving in New York on November 11, 1937. The card was issued in Berlin on July 19, 1937, and lists his Czechoslovak quota number as 1561. Strict quotas which restricted immigration to the US were instituted under the Immigration Act of 1924.

Leon Blonder, was born Leibisch Sigmund Blonder in 1915. He came alone to the United States in 1937 and became a citizen in 1943 while serving in the US Armed Forces. Vocationally trained as a furrier, Blonder married Blima Rock in 1945.
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