Sukkah panel with text of Birkat Hamazon
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Gift of Inez Steinberger Lewin
Id no. 2000.A.361, Textile, Hebrew
Created by:  Aryeh Steinberger
Subject(s):  Ritual, Sukkot
Aryeh Steinberger painted this sukkah panel in Budapest for his son Salomon, a cantor in Frankfurt, Germany. Salomon Steinberger and his family used it in Frankfurt until 1938. A floral border surrounds the Hebrew text of grace after meals (birkat hamazon).

Aryeh Steinberger was a scribe (sofer) and a ritual slaughterer (shochet). Although he never studied painting or drawing, he was an avid museum-goer, both in Budapest and in Frankfurt, on visits to his son.
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