Letter from Hakham Nissim to Rozenkranz and Szriftzecer, Publishers
Id no. 2002.A.309, Document, Hebrew
Subject(s):  Publishing
The text translates: Dear Sirs! On the 26th day of the month of Elul we wrote to you placing an order and now we want to make sure that you understand the paragraph included in our most recent letter and not to send the shipment to anyone else. For example if we order the whole Bible from you and you will also send it to someone else this will cause a great controversy. If however you will only send it to us, in the first year we will be able to sell more than a thousand copies and in the second year we will be able to double that number. If you communicate with us we will be able to assure you that our orders in the first year will surpass three hundred pounds. We therefore anticipate your reply. Respectfully, Hakham Nissim Bagdad.

Rosenkranz and Szriftzecer, in Vilna, published and sold books throughout the Jewish world.
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