Chaplain School diploma of Samson M. Goldstein
Gift of Samson and Rosalyn Goldstein, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for Holocaust Studies
Id no. 5045.76, Document, English
First Lieutenant Samson M. Goldstein (b. 1913 in New York City) graduated from the Chaplain School at Harvard University.

He was ordained as an Orthodox rabbi at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath in New York and graduated from New York University. He began studying at the NYU law school and then enlisted in the US Army in November 1942 as a chaplain. After completing Chaplain School he began active duty at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. He landed at Omaha Beach in July 1944 at the Headquarters of the US First Army and was assigned to the 5th Corps. He advanced with the 5th Corps through Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, and Czechoslovakia.

Goldstein reopened a synagogue in Ahrweiler, Germany, and participated in the liberation of the Buchenwald, Flossenberg, Dossel, and Holesov concentration camps. He left the army with the rank of Captain. After his military service Goldstein completed law school and worked as an attorney.
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