United States Army WAC uniform shoulder bag of Hannah Koblentz
Gift of Hannah Koblentz Shulman, Yaffa Eliach Collection donated by the Center for Holocaust Studies
Id no. 5046.83, Other
Hannah Koblentz (born 1912) enlisted in the US Army in 1942 and served in the Auxiliary Women?s Army Corps. She rose in rank from private and became a First Sergeant in 1945.

After graduating college and before enlisting, she worked as an office supervisor. Following basic training, Koblentz was assigned to positions in the White House, then the Pentagon, and was then assigned to the Third Army under General Patton. She served in SHAEF headquarters in Europe starting in May 1945. There, she had contact with the Jewish Brigade and with Palestinian and American soldiers active in Bricha, the illegal Jewish immigration movement to Palestine.

She later visited concentration camp sites and displaced persons (DP) camps in Europe and became involved with survivors at the Bad Tolz DP camp in Germany. She was also involved with the capture of Emmy Goering, wife of Hermann Goering, a top official in the Nazi Party.
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