Is it going to take another miracle to lead the Jews out of Russia?
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Gift of Action for Post-Soviet Jewry
Id no. 2001.A.132.1-2, Poster, English
Action for Soviet Jewry was a private, nonprofit human rights organization founded in 1975 dedicated to helping Jews in the Soviet Union emigrate and live freely as Jews. The organization is now entitled ?Action for Post-Soviet Jewry.?

In the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, many organizations lobbied for the right of Soviet Jewish individuals to live freely and to emigrate. The Soviet government especially singled out and discriminated against Jews in denying freedoms and rights of religion, language, and education. Jewish emigration out of the Soviet Union resumed in 1987, peaking in 1989-1994 during the break-up of the Soviet Union when some 900,000 Jews left the country.
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