Seder plate of Jozsef and Johanna Toffler
Gift of Lilly Teitelbaum
Id no. 2001.A.33, Judaica, Hebrew
Subject(s):  Ruins, Passover, Ritual
This pewter plate was made for the Toffler family of Presov, Slovakia (Austro-Hungary), c. 1770 and was used at the Passover seder meal. The plate is engraved with instructions in Hebrew about how to prepare the meal, and in the middle is an illustration and text about the slaughtering of a lamb. This refers to the biblical commandment for the Passover sacrifice performed at the Holy Temple in Jerusalem on the eve of Passover and eaten on the first night of the holiday. The plate is damaged, with holes in the metal, as it was buried along with other family valuables during the time of the Holocaust. Emma Toefler, one of the family members who survived, retrieved it after the war.
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