Skis used by Helene Ehrlich to escape from occupied Norway into Sweden
Gift of Robert, Kornelia,Thomas and Kate Ehrlich
Id no. 135.96.1-2, Other
Helene Ehrlich (b. 1899), nee Lederer, used these skis to escape from Norway to Sweden in the winter of 1941.

Ehrlich fled Nuremberg, Germany with her children in 1933 to return to her birthplace of Prague, Czechoslovakia. Shortly before the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia, she sent her twin children, Robert and Liese (b. April 22, 1922) to the United States. She herself escaped to Oslo, Norway in January, 1939 and began working with the Norwegian resistance. She gained information for the resistance while working as a cleaning woman in a building housing German military personnel. In 1941, she learned that her underground work had been discovered. With the aid of the Norwegian resistance, she escaped to Stockholm, Sweden using these skis to cross the German-patrolled border.

In March, 1946 she immigrated to the United States and was reunited with her children.

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