Suitcase of Hildegard "Sara" Biermann
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Gift of Carol Biermann
Id no. 333.94, Luggage
Hildegard Biermann took this suitcase with her when she was deported from Berlin, Germany to the Terezin Ghetto with her family. After surviving the war, she used this same suitcase when immigrating to New York with her son in 1946. Hildegard (nee Baeck, niece of Rabbi Leo Baeck) Biermann (1903-1992), her husband Georg Biermann (1890-1945), and their son Ludwig (called Lutz, b. 1931) were deported from Berlin to Terezin in 1943. Georg Biermann was a tax lawyer and World War I veteran. He had lost a leg in the war. He died in Terezin on April 3, 1945. After liberation Hildegard and Ludwig Biermann were at the Deggendorf Displaced Persons camp until they immigrated to the United States in 1946.
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