Hakl-Bakl puppet theater performance
Gift of Ruth Schwarz
Id no. 201.93, Poster, Yiddish, French
Subject(s):  Theater, Culture, Refugees, Renewal
The poster advertises Hakl-Bakl's ?David and Goliath? and ?The Temptation? with set designs by artist Marc Chagall, artistic direction by Simche Schwarz, and music by Ruth and Simche Schwarz.

The Yiddish language Hakl-Bakl puppet theater was established by Ruth and Simche Schwarz in Paris after the war.

"David and Goliath" is based on Biblical characters, yet set in Eastern Europe. It was performed in Paris in Yiddish and French and in Israel in Hebrew.

Simche Schwarz wrote Temptation based on a Jewish folktale. A beautiful girl cajoles a pilgrim into giving her his cart of holiday gifts.
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