Forced laborer and guard
Gift of Charles Barber in honor of Dr. Paul Barber
Id no. 47.85, Artwork, Hungarian
Created by:  Alfred Lakos
Subject(s):  Forced labor
Lakos depicted a forced laborer in rags carrying a shovel, followed by a soldier with a bayonet. It is signed ?Lakos? at the bottom right corner.

An artist?s statement in Hungarian on the back expresses the hope that that Nazi atrocities will be documented. It translates, ?As a member of Hungarian Jewry, or better said the leading member of the murdered Hungarian Jewry, I drew these drawings not only for the Jews of America and England, but also for the Christians to keep their consciences alive because for most people their consciences went to sleep. Yes, those are the thoughts that led me. So, with God's help I could survive thousands of dangers of death, and with my artistic ability I could leave these drawings of the terrible catastrophes for a permanent record. March 28, 1945.?
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