Liberation dress of Frania Bratt
Gift of Frania Bratt Blum
Id no. 7.87, Textile
Subject(s):  Women, Liberation
Frania Bratt was liberated at the Dachau Concentration Camp by the US Armed Forces on April 29, 1945. In early May of 1945, Bratt made this dress from fabric donated by her US liberators. For the last sixteen months she had worn only a prison uniform. Bratt also made dresses for her sister Helen and for those who were too weak to sew for themselves.

In the Landsberg Displaced Persons camp, after the war, she met and in 1946 married fellow survivor Boris (Borys) Blum, then an officer for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

Their daughter Towa was born in the DP camp. In 1950, the family immigrated to the US. Bratt continued to wear her liberation dress on the anniversary of her liberation and on other special occasions as a symbol of her freedom and return to humanity.

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