Block Alteste armband
Gift of Elizabeth Kroo Teitelbaum
Id no. 56.95, Textile, German, Poland: Auschwitz
Subject(s):  Camps-death
This black armband was presented to Elizabeth Kroo (b. 1921, later, Teitelbaum) by a Slovak Block Alteste (Head of Barracks often known as a ?Kapo?) in Auschwitz. Elizabeth used the armband to indicate that she was authorized to take groups of women to the toilet barrack. Elizabeth was originally from Munkacs, in what was formerly Czechoslovakia. With the Hungarian annexation, Elizabeth began to fear for her family. Then, with the German occupation of Hungary in 1944, her entire family was moved into a ghetto and eventually they were deported to Auschwitz. There, Elizabeth was immediately separated from her loved ones, and soon was transferred to other concentration camps, including Ravensbrueck and then Lippstadt.

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