Miniature wire basket with handle, filled with beaded flowers in a clay base
Gift of Genia Blumberg Goldberg
Id no. 280.92, Other
Genia Blumberg, born in 1923, made this wire basket in a concentration camp near Magdeburg, Germany. She secretly worked on crafting wire objects like this one at night, using material stolen from the factory in which she worked. She gave them to fellow inmates as gifts, or traded them in exchange for extra rations. Genia began making wire objects in the Kaiserwald concentration camp, and continued making them even after the war.

After the war, she met David Goldberg in the Hillersleben Displaced Persons Camp. They moved to Belgium in the summer of 1945, and married January 16, 1946. Genia added flowers to this basket in Belgium, circa 1946. The couple immigrated to the US in 1956.
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