License for Paul Worm to open a store in Tehran
Gift of Peter Warren in memory of his mother Heda Lieberman
Id no. 133.96, Document, Farsi
Subject(s):  Emigration, Fur, Refugees, Work
This license issued by the Tehran Municipal Office allowed Paul Worm to establish a fur store according to laws of the Department of Health Office. It was valid for one year from its issue date of July 10, 1941 and could be renewed by application.

Worm was born in 1911 and grew up in Austria. He trained to become a furrier from 1925 through 1928 and, at the end of his training, became a journeyman. Worm moved from Austria to Tehran after the outbreak of the Second World War to open a fur shop.

Worm married Hedwig Adler Weissman in 1942. He died in Tehran in 1946.
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