Ketubbah of Hugo Landsberger and Ella David
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Gift of Rolf David
Id no. 123.95, Document, German, Aramaic
Subject(s):  Ritual, Weddings, Refugees
This ketubbah (Jewish marriage contract) joined Hugo Landsberger and Ella David , who married in Shanghai on January 30, 1946, although the ketubbah lists the date as February 3, 1946.

Hugo Landsberger and Ella David were born in Berlin in 1894 and 1886 respectively. They arrived separately in Shanghai in 1939 to escape the Nazi regime in Germany. Shanghai had no restrictions on immigration at the time, providing refuge for some 20,000 European Jews.

The David family immigrated to the US in 1947, along with Hugo and Ella Landsberger.
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