Invitation to dinner in the Great Eastern Restaurant
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Gift of Hans H. and Ilse Bloch nee Schaefer
Id no. 103.95, Document, Chinese: English, Japanese, Chinese, English
Subject(s):  Work, Refugees
Hans H. Bloch (born in Breslau, Germany in 1914) worked for the US Army and sold surplus to a Chinese firm, which extended this invitation to him in recognition of their work together.

Bloch had passed his exams to study medicine but the 1934 Nazi race laws prohibited him from doing so.

Bloch was not arrested during Kristallnacht because the superintendent of his building told the Nazis that the house contained no Jews. The Jewish Committee in Breslau helped Bloch get a ticket to Shanghai on two days notice at the end of April 1939. He was 24 years old when he escaped on a German freighter for Shanghai.
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