Child's drawing by Ghita Hojtasova for her sister Zuzka
Gift of Milton and Gita Kaufman and Howard and Sue Pinsky
Id no. 1847.91, Correspondence, Czech
Created by:  Ghita Hojtasova
Subject(s):  Children, Visual arts
This drawing was made by Gita Hojtas for her sister Zuzana (here Zuzku) while they and their mother Gertrude were interned in the Terezin ghetto. While in the ghetto, Gita was hospitalized with scarlet fever. During this time, she, Zuzana, and their mother Gertrude corresponded by sending one another drawings and letters.

Gita was born to Gertrude and Emil Hojtas in 1932. Her sister Zuzana was born in 1935 and the family lived in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Emil emigrated before Germany invaded in 1939, but he was unable to take the rest of the family with him.

Gertrude, Gita, and Zuzana were deported to Terezin in 1942. Despite the harsh conditions there, they survived and were reunited with Emil in Czechoslovakia. The family immigrated to the US in 1948.
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