Gita and Zuzana Hojtasova as children
Gift of Milton and Gita Kaufman and Howard and Sue Pinsky
Id no. 1751.91, Photograph, Czech
Subject(s):  Image, Children, Families
This photograph of Ghita and Zuzana Hojtasova was taken in April 1942 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. In 1942, Zuzana (age 7), her sister Ghita (age 10), and their mother, Gertrude, were deported from their home in Prague to the Terezin Ghetto. Terezin was created as a ?model ghetto? to deceive the world about the Nazi plans for the murder of the Jews and also served as a transit camp for some 80,000 Czech Jews deported to the death camps. They survived the war and were liberated in 1945.
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