Condolence note from Egon to Johann Eisler
Gift of Eva Cecovickova-Novotna
Id no. 1564.91, Correspondence, German
Subject(s):  Funerals, Correspondence
The text translates: Dear Hans, through Hede I learned today of the death of your dear mother. When I spoke to her last, I did not think that within a short time fate would rob you of your dearest being. As I know how close you were to your dear departed mother, I can also appreciate your great loss. Because of my illness I am unable to give your dear mother the last honor. - I will miss her sunny disposition. I pray to God and hope you will soon get over your pain. Your Egon.

Johann Eisler, born in Prague 1913, was deported to the Terezin Ghetto in 1943 and from there to Flossenberg, where he died in 1945.
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