Yiddish Music Concert at Carnegie Hall
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Gift of Samuel and Edith Segal Kamen
Id no. 1228.91, Document, Yiddish
Subject(s):  Culture, Dance, Music
This flyer is for the Annual Jewish Musical Association concert held in honor of Jacob Schaefer on Dec. 16, 1956 at Carnegie Hall. Ticket prices ranged from $1.50 to $3.00. The program features the dance, ?I Hear a Voice? with music by Jacob Schaefer, choreography by Edith Segal, narration by J.A. Dontch, and narrator Liub Riemer with the Jewish Philharmonic Choirs of New York and Newark, Jewish People's Chorus, Paterson, N.J., Jewish People's Chorus, Bronx and Brighton; Jewish Farmers? Chorus, conducted by Maurice Rauch. The Soloists include Raymond Smolover, tenor; Lucille Blackton, soprano; Aaron Kramer, narrator; N.Y. Mandolin Orchestra; American Mandolin Orchestra.
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