Marine Falcon ticket of Catherine Steiner
Gift of Kurt and Erika Dattner
Id no. 1682.90, Document, English
Catherine Steiner was born January 25, 1901 in Frankfurt, Germany and settled with her family in Hungary. During the war, she obtained false work papers and hid as a housekeeper to a Christian family.

Steiner reunited with her father Edward, who was previously interned in a ghetto. When they returned to their apartment in Hungary, they found it was occupied by a Communist family. Conditions worsened in Hungary, and Steiner decided to book passage on the ship the Marine Falcon which left from Le Havre, France to the United States in 1947.

Upon arrival in the US, Steiner initially worked as a baby nurse for a family. She later obtained grants from the Education Foundation for Jewish Girls to train as a nurse at age 47. Steiner became a United Stated citizen in 1953 and graduated from college in 1957. Steiner died in 1984.
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