Kurt Dattner in hiding at Christian Brothers school
Gift of Kurt and Erika Dattner
Id no. 1674.90, Photograph
Kurt Dattner (b. 1933 in Aachen, Germany) lived under a false identity, as a Christian child during the war years. He hid in various places in Belgium including a convent, an orphanage, a family farm, and this Christian Brothers School where he stayed from 1943 to 1944. In hiding, Dattner often used the name Pierre-Paul DeClerck and his mother used the name Jeanne-Marie DeClerck.

After the war, Dattener was reunited with his mother Herta, who survived by obtaining false papers and hiding with the Michaux family in Olloy, Belgium. Dattner?s father Stefan was deported and killed in Auschwitz.
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