Gran Festival Bailable de Purim
Gift of Rochelle Levi in memory of Bess, Herman and Sylvia Malcow
Id no. 2009.A.104, Poster
Subject(s):  Purim, Ritual
The Purim celebration featured in this poster is sponsored by the Jewish National Fund and WIZO [Women's International Zionist Organization] in Cuba, and was to be held in the in the comfortable halls of Center Israelita and Center Castellana. The festivities listed will include a grand Purim masked bal, a Purim play, a buffet and unspecified Attractions and raffles! Hermanos Palau Orchestra [Palau Brothers Orchestra] will entertain. Prizes will be given for the finest costumes. The announcement reflects the bi-lingual and bi-cultural nature of the community - Spanish speaking Jews and more recent refugees from Europe who speak Yiddish.
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