Travel pass of Toni Hirsch, marked Juif
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Gift of Rudolph Hirsch
Id no. 1235.90, Photograph, French
Subject(s):  Race laws
This travel pass, issued to Mrs. Hirsch (mother of the donor) in 1944, gave her permission to travel through France during the war years. Her nationality is listed as German, as she was born in 1893 in Sauebruck, Germany. The Hirsch family had moved to France in 1935. Using this pass, Mrs. Hirsch and her husband travelled from Tence to Le Puy, and back, in order to see a doctor. The pass is marked with a red stamp of the French word ?Juif? (Jew). Jews in France were subjected to discriminatory legislation, according to the October 1940 laws of the ?Statut des Juifs? issued by the collaborationist Vichy regime.
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