Adolf Hamburger as a young attorney
Gift of Ronnie Hamburger Burrows
Id no. 586.90, Photograph
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Attorney Adolf Hamburger (1887-1962) wears a hat from a German legal organization.

Hamburger studied at the University of Strasbourg and became a pharmacist. He served in the German Army during WWI where he ran a field pharmacy. After the war, Hamburger went back to school, earned a law degree and became a prominent lawyer and judge.

Hamburger spoke out early against Hitler. As a result, orders for his arrest were issued. He quickly left the country in 1933 with the help of his non-Jewish secretary, a Ms. Rollader, who gave him her life savings. Soon after, she disappeared and was likely arrested for assisting Hamburger.

Hamburger made his way to Holland where he took a ship to the US. In the US he earned a second law degree. During WWII Hamburger spent much of his time aiding Jewish refugees. After the war he continued this work by representing Jews who attempted to recover property which was stolen from them by the Nazis.
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