Letter Heinrich Gerstenhaber in Dachau to his wife and children in Vienna
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Gift of Sophie Schoen in memory of her parents, Adele and Heinrich Gerstenhaber
Id no. 170.89, Correspondence, German
Subject(s):  Camps, Kristallnacht
Gerstenhaben writes his wife and children that he received their postcard and that he was happy to hear from them, that he is in good health and asks for letters from his children. He also inquires about the possibility of emigration and tells his wife that she should not stop their children from leaving.

Gerstenhaber was arrested on Kristallnacht, November 10, 1938, and imprisoned in Dachau. He was released on December 30 because of his military service and documentation proving his imminent emigration. The Gerstenhaber family immigrated to the US in 1939.
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