Document signed by Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, Panzerarmee Afrika
Gift of Elsie O. Sang in memory of Philip D. Sang
Id no. 156.88, Document, German
Created by:  Erwin Rommel
Subject(s):  Armies-German
Field Marshall Erwin Rommel led the German expeditionary force in North Africa from 1941 to 1942. Hand-picked by Hitler for the post, Rommel established himself as an effective military tactician who used ?blitzkrieg? methods to overwhelm the opposing forces. In 1942 he signed this document, ostensibly an open letter to the German public printed on Panzerarmee Afrika (the German military forces in Africa) letterhead. In the missive he thanked his fellow Germans for their letters of support and described the bravery and loyalty of his troops ?even despite the difficult desert conditions.?
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