Testimony of Edith Ratner
Testimonies to come
Id no. 1993.V.8, Testimony, English
Created by:  Edith Ratner
Videotape testimony of Edith Ratner nee Seewald, born in Babenhausen, Germany in 1918. She recalls her family's Orthodoxy; anti-Semitic harassment prior to Hitler; helping victims of Nazi violence; Nazis frequently vandalizing the family business starting in 1931; the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in April 1933; emigration of several siblings to the United States; her father's severe beating by Nazis; receiving affidavits from her siblings to emigrate to the United States; traveling to Stuttgart with her parents in July 1933; emigration to the United States with her father in October; her mother joining them in June 1934; her family's attempts to help others leave Germany; and military service from 1943 to 1946. Mrs. Ratner notes the importance of Judaism in her life. She also notes her lack of materialism since many perished in the Holocaust due to their reluctance to learn a new language, enter a new culture, or give up possessions. (1 hr., 10 min.)
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