Testimony of Jacqueline Kimmelstiel
Testimonies to come
Id no. 1990.V.1, Testimony, English
Created by:  Jacqueline Kimmelstiel
Videotape testimony of Jacqueline Kimmelstiel nee Hirsch, born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1927. She recalls her family's Orthodoxy; leaving Germany when Hitler came to power in 1933; joining relatives in Strasbourg, then Enghien-les-Bains; attending public school; German invasion; fleeing with her family to Limoges; she, her mother, and brother smuggling back to their apartment to retrieve their winter clothing; attending an ORT school; living in Lyons; being hidden with her mother in a convent; fleeing to Italian-occupied Nice in 1941; using false papers to pose as non-Jews; her father's exposure and incarceration in Gurs; her mother obtaining his release; German occupation; hiding in villages including Lougratte and Bellac; arrest after the war as a collaborator because her false name was the same as a well-known collaborator; proving who she was; gradually remembering Jewish culture and religion; working in a children's home near Paris; emigration with her family to the United States; marriage in 1950; and the births of her children. Ms. Kimmelstiel discusses transitioning back to her "old identity" and feeling more American than French despite adjustment difficulties. She shows photographs and documents. (54 min.)
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