Poster urging Jews in Israel traveling overseas to use Jewish ships
Id no. 524.98, Poster, Hebrew
Subject(s):  Ships
Following the 19th Zionist Congress, the Jewish Agency created a maritime department. The text translates: To all delegates of the 19th Zionist Congress! To all guests of the 19th Zionist Congress! To all Jewish residents of Eretz Yisrael who travel outside of Eretz Yisrael! The committee for Jewish seafaring, a subsidiary of the Jewish trade committee in Haifa, took upon itself the serious and very valuable task of supporting the young trade of Jewish seafaring. To encourage and strengthen and protect it from competition from foreign companies, we appeal to all the Jews of Eretz Yisrael to prefer on their trips overseas the Jewish ship "Tel-Aviv" over all foreign ships. "Tel-Aviv" is a Jewish ship in the full sense of the word. Built by Jewish money and labor with Palestinian products; of 125 workers 78 are Jewish and the company is ready to gradually replace other non-Jewish workers for Jews to the extent that they find qualified workers. All supplies as far as possible are Palestinian products. The ship is well set up and not inferior in its arrangements and conveniences to other large modern ships - in fact it surpasses many of them. Foreign shipping companies know very well that the Jews of Eretz Yisrael will value the important economic efforts of Jewish seafaring and so they are taking all sorts of measures to work against us. To the extent that the loyalty of the Jewish public grows to the ship "Tel-Aviv" so do the attack and devious measures taken against it. The attacks and devious measures against Jewish seafaring compel us the Jews of Eretz Yisrael to protect this young enterprise even more vigorously to strengthen it and allow it to grow and develop. Therefore any Jew from Eretz Yisrael who travels overseas should prefer the "Tel-Aviv" over any other ship!
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