Politischer Bilderbogen Number 3, Freisinnige Zukunftsbilder
Id no. 992.98, Poster, German
Subject(s):  Anti-Semitism, prewar
This 1893 anti-Semitic broadside shows the ?fate? that awaits Germany if democracy should prevail. Images of a Jewish dominated market and civil society fill this poster. Light streams out of a synagogue at upper left, to shine upon ?King Mammon,? the new ruler of Germany. The phrase which translates as, ?Jews over everything in the world? waves on a flag attached to the center rectangle, which satirizes various Jewish personalities. At the center, in mock Yiddish, a Jew-Devil with horns advertises a new Jewish newspaper for ?every Goiman?. The text on the back states, ?The future of `free thinking? [democracy] is the future of the Jews.?

This poster is one in a series of Politischer Bilderbogen [Political Picture Sheets] published by Verlag der Druckerei Glotz, Dresden. They were sold in folded format, with detailed explanatory text and advertisements for others in the series on one side, and the complex image itself on the other. Their broader imagery is combined with reference to the political issues and figures of the day , satirized through the prism of German anti-Semitism.
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