Postcard from Badana Harkawy in the Warsaw Ghetto to her son Jersy in Brooklyn
Gift of Lucille Kain
Id no. 781.98, Correspondence, Polish
Subject(s):  Family ties
The text translates: My dearest Lizuchnia, dearest children! I received your letters of 5/6 and 27/6, 11/7 and 5/8 and you cannot imagine my joy after such a long silence. I am glad that you are aware of the divorce but I cannot send you the relevant documents. The main thing is that you look well and feel well, at least according to your letters. Please do not worry about me, I am in good health and I am careful because I want to see you again and hug you. I have not received the parcel. I am very happy that you have nice friends and that you spend your time pleasantly in their company. I believe that you should choose the best and the richest of your male acquaintances and you will make me very happy. I visit often father?s grave and I pray that you should get a good husband who will rectify all the past undeserved unhappiness. I wrote you recently that Adamowicz lives in great poverty but I have just heard recently that he had died and Kulwarski also passed away. Tami?s child lives with the old Widerszalowa. He is a sweet boy. I conveyed your good wishes to the Freundlichs. As far as Lonka is concerned I will find out where she is and I will write to her. I cannot communicate with the Rakowys. Best wishes and kisses for Deza. Felek lost weight, he looks terrible and he is having a very hard time economically, which serves him right. Dear Grisha thanks you for the parcel which has not yet arrived. I embrace you and kiss you, Regina and my sweetest granddaughter. I hope you will all remain in good health and write often because I live for news from you. I count the days until I can see your happy and healthy faces. I pray to God that day should come soon. Your loving mother. B. Harkavy
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