Postcard from Badana Harkawy in the Warsaw Ghetto to her son Jersy in Brooklyn
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Gift of Lucille Kain
Id no. 780.98, Correspondence, Polish
Subject(s):  Family ties
The text translates: My dearest children! It has been a long time since I received letters from you. I am in good health but I long to see you. I pray for the day we can see each other again. Please continue sending food parcels. Dearest Lizuchnia, you must have received my numerous letters in which I advised you about your divorce from Felek. The documents are in my possession. I am surprised that you have never mentioned it in your letters. Your last letter of 14/5 reached me on 16/6 and since then-nothing. You should write more often by airmail since you must know how I long for your letters. There is nothing new here. Best wishes for Deza and you dear landlady. I conveyed all your regards to the Freundlichs. They are well. Why do you write so little? Don't you understand that since I don't see you I want at least to get news from you. I hope you will all be well and I kiss you all many times. Your loving mother.
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