Postcard from Badana Harkawy in the Warsaw Ghetto to her son Jersy in Brooklyn
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Gift of Lucille Kain
Id no. 778.98, Correspondence, Polish
Subject(s):  Family ties
The text translates: My dearest beloved children! I received your letters of 26.4 and 1.4. on 27/5 and I immediately replied. Now I am writing again. I am very glad that you are all in good health. I am also in good health and I am surviving the best I can but I long to see you. When will the day finally arrive when we can see each other? Thank you again for the parcels you sent me, however, there was no tea in the package. Please continue sending parcels with the necessary items such as: flour, butter, sugar and tea and whatever you can, but as often as possible, because I am in great need. Dearest Lizuchna , you never mentioned your divorce from Felek. I have the document in my possession which for the time being it is not possible to mail. I have written about it many times. Please write openly what you are living of, since you always say in your letters that you don't lack anything. You can write to me about everything since no one sees the letters. Sincere regards and best wishes to Jerzy and the children. I received a card recently. Lonka is alive but unfortunately I cannot travel to her place of residence. Be well, I send you many, many kisses. Your loving mother. B. Harkavy.
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