Postcard from Badana Harkawy in the Warsaw Ghetto to her son Jersy in Brooklyn
Gift of Lucille Kain
Id no. 776.98, Correspondence, Polish
Subject(s):  Family ties
The text translates: My dearest children! I received your letter of 18/2 as well as a letter from Liza. In the meantime four packages arrived containing 4 1/2 kilograms of rice, powdered chocolate, laundry soap and two boxes of canned goods... As you see from this list there was no tea or coffee included. At any rate thank you very much for remembering and please continue sending parcels of food, especially sugar, flour, tea, coffee, and butter. As I have written you several times, on 7/41 the divorce between Liza and Felek became final and the document is in my possession because it is impossible to mail it at this time. I am convinced that Liza reads all my letters. Dearest Lizunia, I am very happy that you are well, you look well and you have everything you need. I congratulate you on your divorce and I am awaiting the moment that we can hug each other. I pray to God that he lead you upon the right path. Grysza Rakowi was killed quite a while ago. Lonka is alive and is well. Jasza, Liza's husband died suddenly. I embrace you and kiss you in the hope of seeing you soon again. Your loving mother. B. Harkavy.
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