Deposition: Vereniging van Duitse en Statenloze Antifasicsten in Nederland re: Rudolf Gerson's return to Germany
Gift of Ilse Gerson in memory of her husband Rudolph E. Gerson
Id no. 1112.91, Document, Dutch
The document states that Rudolf Eduard Gerson is a member of the Union and is returning to Germany of his own free will. They offer that Mr. Gerson is politically reliable and ask everyone to help him as much as possible.

Verein deutscher und staatenloser Antifaschisten (VDSA) was founded in May 1945, as a successor organization to the Wartime 'Interessengemeinschaft anti-faschistischer Deutscher in den Niederlanden' (League of Anti-fascist Germans in the Netherlands), which was active in the resistance from 1944 on; their aim was to protect the legal status of Jewish emigrants and German refugees; in Nov. 1947 the ,Verein' was discontinued.
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