Liberation skirt made by Eva Miodecka
Gift of Eva Young
Id no. 1999.A.213, Textile
On April 24, 1945, Eva Miodecka and another young woman escaped from a death march in a forest near Oschatz, Germany. Still in striped inmate uniforms, the two found refuge in a village when a German family took them in. They were taken to the attic of the family's home, where they found three other Jewish girls already being sheltered. The woman of the house gave them white sheets which they made into clothes to replace their inmate uniforms. Miodecka made this skirt for herself. It, and a blouse she also made, were her only garments.

In May 1945, Miodecka came to Holland. Soon after, a dressmaker gave her extra fabric, which she used to lengthen and decorate the skirt "to make it nicer."
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