Postcard from Julie Birnbach in the Opole Ghetto to Max Birnbach in Switzerland
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Gift of Max Birnbach
Id no. 2004.A.108, Correspondence
Subject(s):  Family ties, Shoes
The text translates: My Dear children, Received your postcard of Nov.25th. You cannot imagine my happiness to get good news after a long time. Dear children, I cannot describe my desperation. I long terribly for you. Maybe you can find a way for me to come to you. I am near a nervous breakdown. Steiner?s uncle died. He lived at the Aug[ ] Street. Daily 6 - 7 people go to Mr. Furst. You know my dear children, think of my condition. Today, my dear children, I received 3 packages, coffee, cocoa and chocolate. I would like to know if it is from you. From Dad I received a letter that he is not well, so I sent him 20 zloty. (I have my ring?) Father writes me, he cannot [ ]write you and you write that you hear from him. Dear children, please send me from my clothes, one coat, one pair snowboots and one pair [ ]. I suffer from frostbite. It is very cold in the apartment. I never am warm. I wrote a nice postcard to Mrs. Waldburg. From Dad I received good news. Maybe, my dear children, you can send to me the 3 requested items, because it is bitterly cold here. I thank you for the 3 packages which I received today, as well as the can of honey which I got last week. Regards and kisses, Your Mother. Gentlemen, I support the request of my roommate, your mother, whom I respect dearly, to send her the warm clothing. I witness daily, her suffering from the extreme cold. Please write to her as often as possible. Your letters are a ray of hope for her. Many regards, I. Kessler
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