Morgenthau dollar
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Gift of George Blumenthal
Id no. 2003.A.18, Document, English, French
Reproduction of American dollar bill, whichunfolds to reveal an anti-Semitic, anti-American propaganda leaflet in French. Text translates: The secretary of the Treasury of the United States is the Jew MORGENTHAU junior, affiliated to the great sharks of international finance. All Jewish attributes appear on this dollar: Eagle of Israel, Triangle, Eye of Jehovah, 13, stars and stripes, arrows, olive leaves, tree, letters in motto surrounding pyramid. In the center over the fold is a Jewish star. Inside it says: this dollar is valid only if it is signed MORGENTHAU. THIS DOLLAR HAS PAID THE JEWISH WAR Is the only message that the Anglo-Americans are able to send us; will it be sufficient to compensate us for the misery inflicted by THE JEWISH WAR? Money has no smell... BUT THE JEW HAS ONE!
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