Letter from Chochan de R. Kh. Cohen to Rozenkranz and Szriftzecer, Publishers
Id no. 2002.A.329, Document, Hebrew
Subject(s):  Publishing
The text translates: To the honorable gentlemen Rozenkranz and Szriftzecer, Vilna. Enclosed please find my check for $50. Please send me the books as listed below. Since the postage for mailing books is quite high, please make sure that the parcels are complete and well packed. Please send the books as soon as possible since they are needed here. With best wishes. Chochan R.Cohen. 3.00 20 tractates 15; 8 20 (?) 40; 4.30 2 Bibles with seventy commentaries 2.15; 2 50 pure tables 2; "25 10 gates of purity 2 ?. Total: 17.55

Rosenkranz and Szriftzecer, in Vilna, published and sold books throughout the Jewish world.
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