Letter from Salomon I Setehon to Rozenkranz and Szriftzecer, Publishers
Id no. 2002.A.328, Document, Hebrew
Subject(s):  Publishing
The text translates: Dear Sirs, I have received your catalogue together with your letter dated 6.1.1924. Here I am enclosing below the list of books which I would be grateful if you would send them in small parcels by mail. I am enclosing herewith two checks: one for eight dollars and the other for three dollars. These are the books I would like to acquire from you: 1 A multi-commentary Bible 2.60 bound in simple canvas; 1 Books with Four(?) with commentaries 1.55 five volumes; 1 Gates of Repentance; 2 The Good Word; 1 If you have Gates of Repentance in simple canvas; 20 The Fates of Ahitofel; 10 Stories; 2 Siddur Prayers of Israel (Sephardic version) 10 (bound in paper); 1 Offering of a Meal (Sephardic version); 2 Siddur Books for travelers with Psalms 18; 2 Siddur Sephardic version 15; 10 Shulhan Aruch in brief 20; 1 Tikkun (Repair) 16; 1 Tikkun of the entire Five Books of Moses 54; 5 Psalms 7; Psalms 10 with binding

Rosenkranz and Szriftzecer, in Vilna, published and sold books throughout the Jewish world.
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