Photo album dedicated to Vida Kaufman to remember the children of Bergen-Belsen
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Gift of Judith Naomi Fish
Id no. 1999.A.249, Photograph, Yiddish
Vida Kaufman worked with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee after the war to provide aid to Jewish survivors. When Kaufman returned to the U.S. she brought with her this album, given to her by the people she helped. They gave her this album to express gratitude for her dedication to the survivors living in Displaced Persons Camps. Inside the album, the Yiddish inscription reads, ?To remember the children of Bergen Belsen, an expression of love for Vida Kaufman, Bergen Belsen, Jan. 21, 1948.?

As a Jew born in Dukla, Poland in 1902 and living in the U.S., Kaufman followed the events of the Holocaust with great concern. When the war ended, she took a job as a welfare worker in the British-occupied zone of Germany. She supervised the nurseries and kindergartens that were established to meet the post-war baby boom in the British zone of Bergen-Belsen. She also participated in the development of a school system for survivors and their children which served youth from nursery through high school.

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