Mein Kampf, wedding edition
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Gift of Sonya Trachtenberg Breidbart
Id no. 1999.A.165, Book, German
Created by:  Adolf Hitler
This is a 1941 newlywed edition of Adolf Hitler?s Mein Kampf (My Struggle).

Hitler dictated the book while in prison in the 1920?s and the first edition appeared in 1925. Mein Kampf contains the most aggressive elements of Nazi ideology, including its focus on Jews as racial enemies. Upon Hitler?s rise to power in 1933, the book gained widespread readership. As part of the Nazi propaganda campaign, newlywed couples received a free, special edition from the state on the occasion of their marriage. A ?people?s edition? was smaller and simpler. By the time of Hitler?s death in 1945, more than eight million copies of ?Mein Kampf? were sold in Germany.

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