Embroidered silk dress
Gift of Lili Cassel Wronker
Id no. 2004.A.78, Textile
Subject(s):  Family ties, Children
An embroidered silk dress sent by Else Cassel in Palestine to her niece Lili Cassel in Berlin in the early 1920s. Else went to Palestine before the 1930s and then returned to Frankfurt. She was deported and killed at Auschwitz.

Lili Cassel was born in Berlin in 1924. Following the Nazi rise to power, she was thrown out of German elementary school. She enrolled in Catholic School run by Urseline nuns, who took in many Jewish children and had them given lessons on Jewish subjects. After Kristallnacht, Lili escaped to England and attended school in Surrey. Her father Josef went to London and her mother Edith found refuge in Belgium. In May 1940 the family reunited and immigrated to New York.
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