Testimonial for Chaplain William Dalin
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Gift of the Dalin family in memory of Rabbi William Z. Dalin
Id no. 2000.A.5, Other, English, Hebrew
In addition to his responsibilities as US Army Air Force chaplain, Rabbi William Dalin worked with Jewish survivors in Wiesbaden, who gave him this testimonial when he left.

The English text includes: With great regret we learn of your leaving our town and Community and we heartily feel the need to express to you our sincerest thanks for all you have done for our Congregation. In spite of your various and numerous activities as Chaplain to the U.S. Air Forces, you took care of all the affairs with which the Jewish men and women - after the bitter experiences in the hell of the concentration camps - gathered at Wiesbaden were confronted. With skillful talent of organisation you formed a Congregation where Jewish brothers and sisters could find religious and social strength.... All of us have been moved and strengthened by the services you conducted, the thoughtful and inspiring addresses you gave, supported and comforted by the warm interest you took in all the happy and sad affairs of our people.... We wish you to find always a place of activities which will appreciate your good will and great capabilities.... Your very gratefully and sincerely, Jewish Community of Wiesbaden. Dr. Leon Frim President, Rabbi Dr. J. Ansbacher, London, formerly Wiesbaden, Jack Matzner Secretary.
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