Dezider Scheer with students celebrating Purim in Sosua
Gift of Dezider and Shirley Scheer and family
Id no. 2008.P.12, Photograph
Created by:  Willy Hauser
Subject(s):  Ritual, Education, Purim, Refugees
This is a photograph of Dezider Scheer with students celebrating Purim in Sosua, Dominican Republic, 1940's. Scheer left Slovakia in 1939, hoping to get to Palestine. In 1940 he was interned in a refugee camp near Salerno, Italy. A representative of the Dominican Republic Settlement Association came to the camp and selected him and a group of young people to join the Jewish agricultural colony being established in the Dominican Republic. In Sosua Scheer cleared the land, planted vegetables, and had a farm. He became the director of the school for refugee and Dominican children. He lived in Sosua for 10 years, then left to join his brother in Canada.
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